Who We Are

Our Mission

DBC is a place where we are passionately becoming more like Jesus and are committed to transforming our homes, church, community and the world. This happens when we love God, love people, make disciples and make a difference.

Love God

We love God because He first loved us.We show our love for God as we experience His presence through worship and prayer.

Love People

We love others because this is the core of Jesus’ message. We show our love for people by developing authentic relationships through hospitality and outreach programs for sports, fitness, weekday preschool and the arts.

Make Disciples

We help people meet, know and become more like Jesus. We make disciples through Bible study groups and sharing our faith journey.

Make a Difference

We use our God-given abilities and resources to impact the lives of others. We make a difference in our church, community and world by discovering our purpose and joining a serve team or mission opportunity.

Everyone has a next step. What is yours?