Dunwoody School for the Arts

2018-2019 Registration opens July 18!

If you are a new student, please use the category selector to find the offering you are interested in and click "Learn More" for registration. If you are a returning student, please register using the link below

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We are devoted to discovering and developing our students’ artistic gifts in a Christian environment, so they may thrive in music artistry, bring glory to God and develop a lifetime love of music and dance.

Attendance & Payment Policies

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons in piano, voice, percussion, violin, guitar, trumpet, ukulele and clarinet. Click learn more for our teachers, fee structure, registration and holiday schedule.

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Dance Classes

Dance at DSA addresses the need to move! We emphasize the developmental stages, focusing on body awareness, synchronized movement, spatial exploration, group dances, circle games and expressive movement.

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Preschool Suzuki Violin Program

Just as children learn to speak words before they learn to read, Suzuki violin students learn to play an instrument before they learn to read music. Every child can learn!!!

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Preschool Piano

Our Preschool Piano class takes preschool children with no musical experience on a magical journey where they acquire the piano skills, keyboard awareness, and rhythmic understanding they need for a successful future at piano.

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