Dunwoody Youth Symphony Orchestra (DYSO)

The Dunwoody Youth Symphony Orchestra’s vision is to inspire young musicians to further their music education and develop their musical talent. Our community-based youth orchestra serves students 4th grade through 8th grade. Join the Music and invite your friends!!!

Class Information:

Our community-based youth orchestra serves students 4th grade through 8th grade and will meet once a week on Tuesdays at 5:30pm - 7:30pm in the Dunwoody Baptist Church Chapel. The first hour will consist of orchestra rehearsal, while the second hour will be dedicated to sectional rehearsals. Please know that you must audition and be accepted into the DYSO program in order to register and attend courses.    

January 2019 Auditions
Grades: 4th through 8th

DYSO has openings in all sections.  Auditions will be held every Friday in January from 1pm to 6pm  in the DBC Worship Center's Choir Room. Please email   to set-up an audition time as well as to receive the DYSO application. The auditions will require the student to do the following: 

  • A well practiced excerpt, showing their proficiency of their instrument
  • Memorized scales: 2 or 3 of their instrument
  • Sight-reading


Meet our Conductor

Jae Hyeong Park, orchestra Conductor

Jae Hyeong Park is one of the prominent conductors in the Atlanta metro area and in Georgia. Currently, he is a Music Director of the Korean American Philharmonic Chorus, the AMA Symphony Orchestra, the Korean First Presbyterian Church Choir and Orchestra as well as the Messiah Choir and Orchestra. He was appointed as a Chairman of the Atlanta Korean Church Association. He previously conducted the Georgia Festival Orchestra, Atlanta Music Society’s Orchestra with Young-ok Shin of the Vladivostok Orchestra and Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra. He worked with the Romance Art Opera as an Assistant Conductor. He has conducted several operas including Turandot, Queen of Sheba, which is a premier work in Korea.

Although he started music a little later than other musicians, his musical ideas have been called brilliant by several of his mentors:

Your interpretation of Bach Cantata 39 was almost perfect. I really enjoyed your music!

-Martin Behrmann

He has a lot of good musical ideas. And also, he is persistent with music as his passion.

-Michael Palmer

He is such a musical guy. He makes me really enjoy music more.

-Markand Thacker

You have improved very much during the workshop. Your hard work is yielding results.

-Kenneth Kiesler

I was so comfortable to sing without any concern. I really enjoyed his conducting, and his music had a lot of inspiration. I was so impressed and touched while working with him.

-Young Ok Shin, Soprano

Born in Seoul Korea, Jae Hyeong Park started piano at 8 years of age and played Beethoven’s Sonata when he was 9 years old. He began improvising and composing piano music when he was 13 years old. He had always dreamed of being a composer or conductor, but he pursued music merely as a hobby until the age of 22. Jae received a Bachelor Degree from Ajou University, majoring in Economic and Business. During that time, he had composed several orchestra and choral pieces and had conducted several choirs. Meanwhile, he had begun to entertain the idea of pursuing music studies and being a professional musician. So he changed his major to conducting and he entered the Korean National University of Arts and received a Master’s Degree concentrating in Choral Conducting. He then went on to receive a Master’s Degree from Georgia State University.

Mr. Park started his professional conducting career at the age of 31. He worked with several universities’ orchestra and community choirs. Before coming to the United States, he was the Music Director at the Hanlim Medical Orchestra, Hankook University of Foreign Language, Majestic Orchestra, Guri Chamber Orchestra, Arco Symphony and Gangseo Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. Since coming to the United States, he has received mentorship from Michael Palmer, Kenneth Kiesler, Markand Thaker, and William Marvin.

As a composer, he premiered Daydream’s renowned piano piece “Stepping on the rainy street,” an orchestral rearrangement with the Prague Philharmonia Orchestra at the Seoul Art Center Concert Hall. He composed several Broadcasting Signal and Background music pieces for the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS). He is also engaged with Publishers such as Vitnara and Sunmin and has released several sacred choral pieces. He has also worked with musical companies making several musical pieces for the stage.


Fee Structure & Registration

Once you have auditioned and received your acceptance to the DYSO program, you will then select from the links below to register and/or submit your online payment for this course. If you register after the course has started, your first semester tuition and registration fee(s) will be due upon registration. You have the option to submit your tuition payment annually or bi-annually. If bi-annually is chosen, you will be billed on or around the 10th of February & August. The DYSO schedule factors in all holidays and school breaks.   

Dunwoody Youth Symphony Orchestra Fees:


Class Length:

Includes tuition 


Grades: 4th to 8th grade


2 hours:

(60min orchestra)

(60min sectionals)

$250 in Feb & Aug


$500 annually

Annual Registration Fee:

$35 to be billed annually upon registration.
($20 per each additional family member). 

We do offer various discounts:

(Senior Discount, Multi-Students/Sibling Discount,
Multi-Class Discount and/or DBC Member Discount)


New Student Registration

Returning Student Registration



Holiday Schedule

2019 DYSO Year: Semester #1: January 29th, 2019 through May 21st, 2019

Every Friday in January

Auditions from 1pm to 6pm

January 29th, 2019 - May 21st, 2019 1st Semester

 March 31st - April 6th, 2019

 Spring Break - No lessons

June 11th, 2019 - July 16th, 2019 Summer Semester
August 13th, 2019 - December 10th, 2019 2nd Semester

Tuesday classes that fall on a holiday will be held unless indicated on the above schedule. You will be responsible for payment of these lessons. Please read carefully the DSA policies.

DSA GIft Certificates now available!!!


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We are devoted to discovering and developing our students’ artistic gifts in a Christian environment, so they may thrive in music artistry, bring glory to God and develop a lifetime love of music and dance.

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