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Jane Hendrix is teaching a new piano class this year. Our Preschool Piano class takes preschool children with no musical experience on a magical journey where they acquire the piano skills, keyboard awareness, and rhythmic understanding they need for a successful future at piano. Using a curriculum called WunderKeys, every activity, image, song and story is designed with preschoolers in mind.  It’s a unique blend of music and math to nourish the intellectual and creative minds of young children.

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Please select from the links below to pay online for Preschool Piano lessons. Class starts Thursday, Septemeber 7, 2017.  Please note these fees are based on 32 lessons per year.

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2018-2019 Registration opens July 18!

If you are a returning student, please register using the link below. If you are a new student, please use the category selector to find the offering you are interested in and click "Learn More" for registration.

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