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Make A Difference

At DBC, we use our God-given abilities and resources to impact the lives of others. We make a difference in our church, community and world through Serving Teams and mission opportunities.

Use the categories below to search through all of the opportunities available to you and let us know if you if you need any help!

Preschool Registration/Guest Services Team

Greet guests as they enter the preschool or nursery building and direct them to classes

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Preschool Floater Team

Provide backup when small group teachers are out

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

We know that there are a lot of different opportunities available for you to get involved. If you would like some help in finding your place, just let us know!

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JAM Team Leaders

Facilitate activities and teaching for K-2nd graders during The Eleven

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R-Group Leader

Lead a group of 6-8 middle or high schoolers through pre-selected materials for one hour once a week

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Prayer Team

Pray, send notes of encouragement and Prayergrams from the Prayer Room or from home

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Life Group Host

Provide a welcoming, safe and clean environment for groups to gather

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