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Summer Institute

New classes on Sundays at 9:45 am in June and July!

DBC’s Summer Institute offers two different, four-week semesters with three topical classes from which to choose. All are welcome to participate!

Semester One: June 3-24

A History of the English Bible

How We Got the Word We Got in the Form We Got It

Teacher: Allen Taliaferro; Room: A-200

People who truly understand what it means to be evangelical Christians recognize the indispensable value of the Bible. We refer to it as “God’s Word.” We call it our “authority.” And yet, few believers take the time to actually study the extraordinary saga of how God’s holy scriptures came to us, from ancient oral tradition all the way to a seemingly endless list of English translations. This class will take you on an amazing journey through the intricate and inspired process that gave us the Bible we have today.

Parental Guidance Required

Connecting with Your Teen or Pre-Teen in a Confusing Culture

Teachers: Brenda Russell, Mark Paul; Room: D-306-308

Parenting children and adolescents today is not like it used to be even ten years ago. Changes in technology, culture, and influences have come so fast that it can feel overwhelming. This class will provide a safe place to discuss critical issues, receive guidance, and develop an approach that helps parents connect with their kids and walk with them through a rapidly changing world.

Shedding Light on The Shadow

Identifying the Hurts & Confronting the Habits that Hinder Us

Teacher: Bo Bowen; Room: D-311-313

The Apostle Paul famously wrote to the Romans, “For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing.” Embracing the forgiveness of Jesus for our sins is one thing; submitting to the Spirit’s transforming work in our interior lives is another. Drawing upon the wisdom of spiritual development tools, including the Enneagram personality system gaining influence in the American Church, this class will strive to better understand the human condition by examining how God designed each person to be uniquely driven by a particular set of cravings and inclinations.

Semester Two: July 8–29

Caring for Aging Parents

Bringing Resources, Support & Education to Families

Teacher: Fran Weigard and guest experts; Room: A-200

This course will help anyone facing, or anticipating, taking care of aging parents or supporting someone who is caring for an elderly loved one. Each session is filled with resources, education and support for families. Participants will learn from special guest presenters about options available and what the differences are between these options. They will learn how and when to have the tough conversations with family members, why they are important, and will leave better prepared for the task ahead.

Hearth & Home

Disaster Relief Preparedness for Your Family

Teachers: Frank Raunikar, Steve Peters, Preston Willis, Connor & Victoria Walsh; Room: D-311-313

Are you confident in your ability to adequately respond to the needs of family and neighbors during a disaster? The dedicated men and women of DBC’s Disaster Relief Team are leading this introductory training course to provide our church community with preparation tools and simple medical training that will help improve confidence, spark greater awareness, and enhance your ability to help others during times of crisis. Learn how to be safe, calm, and confident during life’s storms so you can be the hands and feet of Jesus to our communities and the world.

Living Well

Caring for God’s Temples

Teachers: Karen Patterson, Amanda Willis, Tolly Garrett, M.D., FAAP; Room: D-306-308

Discover practical methods to live the abundant lives for which we were created. Our Designer has given us instructions and tools to not only thrive in body, mind and spirit, but also to cultivate healthier communities throughout the world. Topics extend beyond those covered in last summer’s class, Temple Maintenance: Developing a Biblically Healthy Lifestyle.

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