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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers received up to June 2019. Answers provided by DN (David Newman); MC (Mark Chapman); Mainstreet Core Leadership Team (MCLT).

Full list of questions & Answers

How does Mainstreet align with the overall master plan of the church that was created back in 1996? Is there a new strategic plan? The 1996 master plan for facilities included four phases. Phase 1 (Building D) was completed. Phases 2 & 3 included additional education, office and fellowship space where buildings E, F & G are now. Phase IV of the 1996 master plan included a 2,200-seat worship center replacing buildings A, B, C, H & I. Constructing this today would cost over $30 million requiring the church to carry a heavy burden of debt. At 25% of the cost of the strategic plan phases 2,3 and 4,   Mainstreet is a good compromise that addresses the immediate needs of the church with a reasonable budget. Security and accessibility are a driving force for Mainstreet, and this plan is a cost-effective way to improve those areas. As the church will always need to maintain, renovate and replace buildings, the ideas of the 1996 master plan is a good reference for future needs. (MCLT, Sept. 2018) 

Are children classroom spaces in the A-Building and B-Building being modified (ages 0-5)? The B-Building will be impacted by the elimination of the bathrooms and nursing room to create a larger space for the ramps. There will not be any impact to the classrooms in the B-Building. The classrooms in the lower A-Building will also not be impacted. The only change to any classrooms will be to the classroom on Mainstreet in upper A. (Sept. 2018)
(June 2019) This classroom will be replaced with new restrooms. Also, the current Preschool Rally Room space will be repurposed as a traditional choir practice room. A new Preschool Rally Room will be constructed in the unfinished area in the Chapel building lower level. 

Where will the 11:00 am worship service be conducted during the worship center renovation? We will relocate the 11:00 am worship service to the Chapel. We will use adjacent overflow rooms whenever crowds exceed the Chapel capacity. (June 2019) 

When you referred to the new unisex bathrooms in upper A-Building, will they be handicapped accessible? Did you mean family bathrooms? Restrooms in A-Building have been redesigned to provide additional toilets for women and men. Existing female restroom in E-Building (church offices) will be renovated as a family restroom accessible from Mainstreet. The men’s restroom in E-Building will be closed. (June  2019)

What is the construction schedule and project timeline? We will be doing the construction in two phases. Phase 1 construction will include the breezeway from the Mt. Vernon parking lot down to the corner of the G-A-B buildings. It will include the A-Building, the new Prayer Room, new restrooms across from Anderson Hall, and a new Preschool Rally Room on the ground floor of the D-Building (Chapel). The construction on Phase 1 is planned to begin immediately after Vacation Bible School on June 20, 2019. While Phase 1 is under construction, final planning and cost numbers will be finalized on Phase 2 which will include the new Gathering Area and Worship Center renovations, and that work is expected to begin in November 2019. We hope to get all construction completed by next summer. (June 2019)

If funds were limited, can you just fix Mainstreet and not upgrade the worship center? Yes. As a matter of fact, we are undertaking a phased approach to the project. (Mainstreet, Expanded lobby, and the Worship Center renovation). (DN, June  2019)

It looks like the proposed new prayer room be smaller than the old one. Will it be big enough? You are correct that the current prayer room on Mainstreet is slightly smaller than the existing one. We want to put the prayer room in a prominent place on the Mainstreet connector. (Sept. 2018)
(June 2019) The new Prayer Room suite will consist of an office, two private prayer spaces and a restroom.

Will there be any improvements to the east breezeway that runs from the Chapel down to the Prayer Garden along Ashford Dunwoody? We are considering enhancing the walkway from the Chapel to the Worship Center so that it can have a roof installed to keep people dry. We looked at putting in a ramp to replace the stairs that but that will be costly. The bell tower will also be moved adjacent to the south corner of the C-Building near this breezeway. The only thing we are looking to do to the C-Building is to lower the roof peaks. (DN, Sept. 2018)

Have you calculated the operating budget impact of increased heat and air costs for the new corridors? Yes. Estimates based off our current utility bills show that costs may increase about 6-10% per month. The good news is with planned HVAC central controls our utility costs will be minimized. (June 2019) 

Can we have additional women’s bathroom stalls to avoid wait times? We will not alter the D-Building bathrooms. There will be additional bathrooms in A-Building and the lobby to reduce wait times. (June 2019)

Will there be increased parking spaces? No. We do not see modifying the parking lot to increase parking spaces. (DN, Sept. 2018)

Will the weekday childcare in the C building be affected by this plan? No. Weekday childcare will not be impacted by this plan. (DN, Sept. 2018) 

During relocation, can we stream the 11:00 service to the Chapel to facilitate senior citizens who may have trouble getting downhill to the gymnasium? Since the 11:00 service will be in the Chapel rather than in the gymnasium, we will plan to stream it to overflow rooms in D-Building as may be necessary. (June 2019)

How does this differ from the three-year suggested donation schedule? The three-year donation schedule is still available and encouraged. Some folks will elect to make their gift all at once, and others will elect to fulfill their pledge over three years. If donors decide to make a pledge during the current 2018 calendar year, they can have four tax years during which time to complete fulfilling their pledge. As a part of the Capital Campaign, we are encouraging "lead gifts" to help jump-start the campaign and help give us better insights into how much is being raised. We welcome up-front payments or pledges to be paid over the next 36 months. (MC, Sept. 2018)

What would you do with an additional $4 million above the $8.5MM projected? We’re excited to report that our church family pledged $10,130,000 for Project Mainstreet. Our Building Planning Committee has worked long and hard to carefully analyze the church’s needs, and we’re excited about spending those funds for the highest priority needs of Project Mainstreet. One key point to remember is that we are not going into long-term debt, and we will only spend funds that are pledged or received. (MC, June 2019)

Will anything be done to improve the sound system in the Chapel? How about the entry doors? The sound issues that congregants are experiencing in the Chapel are operational in nature and do not require new speakers. We have recently replaced the microphones and some audio cables to eliminate one source of the issues. There are several other projects identified for attention in the Chapel, but they will be addressed as a part of the church’s overall repairs and maintenance projects and not through Project Mainstreet. We hope to see work on them soon. They include the window coverings, repairs to the organ, and some work on the sound system. Funds for these projects will come from the church’s operating budget. Regarding the entry doors – we are looking to improve the curb cuts to make it easier to get into Mainstreet and the Chapel doors, and to reduce the heavy operation of these doors. (DN, Sept. 2018)

Is there any plan to change the window treatments in the chapel? The Mainstreet core leadership team has assembled a list of capital-expense items that need to be updated that are not directly associated with the values of Project Mainstreet. (Sept. 2018)
(June 2019) The window treatments in the Chapel have been beautifully updated, and a new set of hand-rails to the pulpit will be assembled. 

Question about access to the Children's area, going from insecure to secure area with access to Lower D? Right. We have worked with the children’s ministry to eliminate this access point by creating a security checkpoint at the base of the chandelier stairs that will only enable folks with proper access to enter the secure area. (DN, Sept. 2018)

What about the viewing of the stage and flat screen in the Worship Center. Will the flat floor affect sight lines and viewing? We will have large flat screens on the walls that will enable folks in the audience to experience worship by viewing either the stage or the flat screens. Viewing will not be as easy as witnessed with a bowl-shaped floor, but the versatility we will gain by creating a flat floor and moving to single chairs instead of pews will outweigh this con. (DN, Sept. 2018)

Question about whether the Worship Center was going to look "like a worship area" with the proposed renovation; is it going to look too modern? What are we going to do to keep it looking like a sanctuary? It is clearly our intent that the Worship Center not only look and feel like a sanctuary where God’s message is delivered in word, music and video, but also clearly looks like a worship center with the beautiful cross, the Baptistery, a more flexible way to set up the room for various worship events and a pleasant environment to study and hear God’s word. There will be some interior touches added like murals, wall messages or other improvements designed  to message our church family and guests worshipping there. We will retain the cross (which is the original one for DBC) – even though it is not center stage. We will also consider adding special murals and messaging in the sanctuary and lobby that will include Bible verses. (DN AJ, Sept. 2018)

Can we eliminate the traffic viewing distractions through the Mount Vernon windows of the sanctuary? We will have curtains/shades to help – and we are also looking at raising the windows up from floor level so that congregants will only see the trees and sky – and not the traffic. The curtains will also be multi-level – so that we can control light entry by something like 25%, 50% or 100% of blockage. (DN, Sept. 2018)

Are there plans to provide teaching aids throughout our Sunday School classes with such equipment as flat-screen TV’s and improved A/V devices? Yes, and that effort is already underway with the recent addition of 5 new flat-screen TV’s to assist Sunday School teachers that need them to improve the teaching environment. We want our SS teachers to have the tools they need to bring the word alive during our Bible study times. These are separate from project Mainstreet. (DN, Sept. 2018)

The entry doors in and out of the Chapel area are heavy and difficult to open, particularly for older folks. Are there any plans to address that concern? Those entry way doors are on our list of project needs and as funds are available they will be addressed. (DN, Sept. 2018) 

Do we have plans to adjust our Project Mainstreet list of priorities if the pledges and donations exceed or fall below our expectations? First, we realize that people pledge money in good faith and then sometimes things occur in their lives beyond their control and they have no choice but to alter their plans. In other cases, people sometimes make a pledge and subsequently exceed those pledges. Either way, we’re prepared to make priority adjustments if the need arises. We have a list of projects that need to be undertaken that are in addition to the Project Mainstreet priority projects and will closely monitor our pledges and contributions. However, we will only spend what is pledged or donated. (MC, Sept. 2018) 

Will the vote on the Project Mainstreet be by a show of hands or by paper ballot? The motion to authorize Project Mainstreet and components of the project will be made by the Capital Campaign Chairman, but the vote was by paper ballot with a strong majority support. (Sept. 2018)

Will you look at integrating the HVAC systems so that they are not so piecemeal? Yes. We will look to integrate several systems–including lighting, HVAC and security. (DN, Sept. 2018)

Does the 8.5M include surplus monies already in the budget? The $8.5 million does include the surplus cash the church currently has on hand, but the use of that surplus cash has been separately approved by the church. The use of this cash is not a part of our normal operating budget. (MC, Sept. 2018) 

Will you repurpose space in the B-Building? To create Mainstreet we will be eliminating the exterior bathrooms in the B building–along with the nursing room. We are still looking at ways to replace these two functions. We do not intend to repurpose the current baby nursery in the B building. (DN, Sept. 2018)

Why is the Worship Center #3 priority? Given the wonderful expression of faith and support by our church family in pledging $10,130,000, we will be able to  do all 3 of Project Mainstreet’s top priorities. The Mainstreet leadership team believes that connectivity, security, an expanded lobby and the worship center are all going to be completed in the two phases of construction. (June 2019)

Would you consider using real-time monitoring of the security cameras (maybe even deacon volunteered)? We will use a consultant to review our plans and give us a recommendation. We currently do not plan on real-time monitoring of the cameras–as eliminating the access points and adding checkpoints will make a significant improvement over current state. I will put together a security team to assist in these decisions going forward–and it will be staffed by church volunteers. (DN, Sept. 2018) 

Need to make sure that the locks work thru power outages? Correct. We will make sure that our security plan works if we were to lose power. (DN, Sept. 2018)

How did you get to the $8.5M estimate? What type of contract are you going to use–design/build? Our architect, CDH, asked general contractor Hodges and Hicks to give us an approximate cost estimate for this project using the design that you see here today. We believe that this cost is a high-level estimate (+/- 30%) – and since this is a renovation project–we will be contracting with a design / build effort to get accurate cost numbers prior to construction. (DN, Sept. 2018)

Have you considered using an owner / agent to assist? Yes. We have identified someone who will be assisting with this important function. (June 2019) 

When you add ramps to improve mobility of congregants can you also look to improve handicap access in the bathrooms as well? Yes. (DN, June 2019)

What is the cost difference in keeping current building A, B, C versus rebuilding the entire area so it does not look piecemeal? The cost to replace building A, B and C with one larger structure with the same square footage would cost about about $16.0 MM, or $7.5MM more than the $8.5MM currently budgeted. This was part of the original long-term plan when the D building was built in 2000. We believe that the addition of Mainstreet will make the campus feel more connected and not so dislocated. (MSLT, Sept. 2018) 

How many additional seats will be added to the contemporary worship? There will not be any appreciable increase in seating with the contemporary service. Pews are more efficient in seating capacity–so we will use any new space created by the relocation of the prayer room to handle the additional chairs. (DN, Sept. 2018)

Sunday school space is at capacity. Where will additional classrooms be placed? Sunday school space is not at capacity. There are several rooms on the campus available for Sunday school classes–for all ages. And if we did have a space problem, we think it is more cost effective to add more services or Sunday school times rather than enlarge our footprint. (MSLT, Sept. 2018)

What about an overhang from Worship Center to sports center? As the Building Committee evaluated priorities, a walkway cover is no longer anticipated. (June 2019)

Where is the nursing room going to be relocated? Nursing space will be created within current baby’s rooms and a Mother’s Room will be located just outside the Worship Center. (June 2019)

Will the secure hallway in lower A be widened? It seems too narrow. The current design will not change–we believe that this hallway is adequate for people movement. As part of the new design, we will not need the sign-in wooden desks in the hallway any longer, which will make the hallways easier to walk in. (DN, Sept. 2018)

With all these changes proposed, is getting bigger necessarily better? The proposed changes are centered on connectivity and security–not enlarging the footprint or worship center. This is a modernization of the campus–adding carpet, conditioning air, adding security checkpoints, and contemporizing the worship center. We feel this is getting better. (MSLT, Sept. 2018)

Are any updates planned for the sports facility? No. (June 2019)

Understanding that construction will not commence until June, what are the anticipated impacts to parking for either the 8:30 am or 11:00 am worship services? Do we have enough church members to assist with parking details, and will we have golf carts to help our more seasoned/elderly members or families with young ones? Parking will not be a problem during Phase 1. There will be no pods, trailers or other equipment brought on the campus during Phase 1 except for dumpster for demolition materials. The construction team will use only the small parking area near Mt. Vernon road on workdays only. Phase 2 will be another story, and we are already carefully analyzing all means of better serving our members include golf cart assistance, off-campus parking and security to assist with safety at road crossings. (June 2019)

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