DBC Regathering

What to Expect when Returning to the DBC Campus

In-person worship services have resumed on Sundays at 8:30 and 11 am in the Chapel. Both services will continue to be streamed live online for those who are more comfortable worshiping at home. We encourage you to make the decision that is best for you and your family about returning to our campus for worship. We look forward to seeing you soon!

We encourage those who are vulnerable based on age or medical condition to abide by the CDC guidelines and continue to worship online rather than attending in person.

If you have had any symptoms of illness in the past 24 hours, including fever of 100.4 or higher, cough, chills, headache, shortness of breath, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, or muscle pain, we ask that you please stay home for the health and safety of our DBC family.

  • Doors open for the 8:30 am service at 8:10 am. Doors open for the 11 am service at 10:40 am.
  • Ushers will guide you to your seat.
    • We will be seating people in every other pew.
    • Entire family groups will be seated together.
    • We will leave 6 feet between family groups.
    • Go to the middle of the row if directed.
    • Do not sit on the end of the row unless you are guided by the usher.
    • Blue tape means “sit here.”
  • The number of people attending any service will be limited to a safe number. We hope to be able to seat around 170 people in the Chapel on a first-come first-served basis. We will also be able to seat at least 170 people in our phase 1 overflow rooms once the Chapel is at capacity.
  • We require you to wear a mask at all times. Please bring one from home. If you forget, we will have extras. Even if this is not your preference, remember that wearing a mask is a gesture of empathy for others who are concerned and careful. Please be aware that the only people who will not be wearing masks will be those on the stage.
  • Only two entrances to the Chapel building will be open. One is at the fish awning facing Mt. Vernon Road and the other is directly opposite, facing the sidewalk that runs along Ashford Dunwoody Road. Separate entrance and exit signs will be displayed.
  • Attendees must maintain a 6-foot distance from those outside their household while entering and exiting the building and restrooms.
  • There should be no physical contact (hugging, shaking hands, elbow bumps, fist bumps, etc.).
  • Only two people at a time will be permitted inside the restrooms.
  • Greeters will be available to help make your visit to DBC as comfortable and safe as possible.
  • DBC will encourage minimal contact with high-touch surfaces.
    • Doors will be propped open to avoid touching handles.
    • Hymnals and other shared items will be removed.
    • Touchless offering boxes will be provided and online giving will be encouraged.
    • No coffee, food or water will be served. Water fountains will be roped off. Food and beverages are not allowed in the Chapel.
    • Hand sanitizer stations and extra face masks will be available as you enter the building.
  • DBC will follow CDC guidelines for disinfecting our facility. This includes:
    • Regular disinfecting of high touch point areas throughout the building.
    • Disinfecting high-touch surfaces in the Chapel before and after services.