But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. 

Matthew 6:33

Mainstreet was born out of the need to fulfill our purpose: to Love God, Love People, Make Disciples and Make a Difference. While we’ve accomplished so much together, God is giving us the vision and opportunity to share the love of Jesus more than ever before. As we continue to build God’s Kingdom, we will genuinely see lives changed, souls saved and people growing in God’s word. We will witness our church becoming an even brighter beacon, ministering to our community, our state, our nation and our world!

  • We have the breadth and depth of ministries to engage people and help them become devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Our church size, history and reputation is well known and respected in spiritual and secular communities.
  • We have the dedicated and committed staff, programs and financial resources to extend our ministry into not only our communities but also to the mission field throughout the world.
  • One of our biggest blessings as a church is the diverse population of people who reside within the virtual shadow of our church. This provides an incredible opportunity for us to make an eternal impact in the lives of others!
Core Goals

Connecting our people and facilities for easy access and navigation


Providing controlled access to our children


Updating our interior and exterior appearance


Improving gathering spaces and modernizing the worship experience


Beginning a spiritual journey and practicing a lifestyle of Kingdom Investments

Urgent Needs

Mainstreet: Connecting our Chapel and Worship Center with a fully enclosed easy-to-navigate Mainstreet, removing steps and addressing essential security improvements for our children’s areas.

Common Gathering Area: Creating an enhanced space near the Worship Center for our church family and guests to gather before and after church services, including a coffee bar. Adding a convenient, secured check-in area for our families with children.

Modernize the Worship Center: Reconfiguring the worship space; flattening the floor for multi-functional use; improving audio/visual/lighting; improving windows, seating and access to balcony.

Modern Curb Appeal: Increasing the appeal and attractiveness of our church campus to prospective visitors who drive on Ashford-Dunwoody Road. Moving the Bell Tower to a more visible location.

What is expected of me?

This an exciting time in our church! You are an essential part of the DBC family and important to the success of this campaign! Here’s how you can be a part of the legacy of Dunwoody Baptist Church:

First, Pray: Pray for the successful completion of Mainstreet and for the lives that will be impacted as a result. Ask Him to tell you personally what He wants you to do and what to give. Ultimately, the decision about giving is between you and the Lord.

Second, Be Informed: Over the next couple of months, you will receive ongoing information about Mainstreet and how it relates to the vision and mission of our church. Prayerfully read materials, pay close attention to the videos and attend the meetings. Get excited!

Third, Be Ready: You may be asked to share in the process by taking on additional tasks. Be ready to say yes!

Fourth, Give! Give with all of your resources: your time, your talent and your treasure.

Finally, please approach our campaign with these thoughts in mind:

  • It’s not about buildings; it’s about ministry.
  • It’s not about buildings; it’s about stewardship. Learning what God says about stewardship is part of what it means to follow Jesus Christ!
Key Dates

September 25 – November 3: Spiritual and Prayer Journey
r 15: Information packets and commitment cards mailed
October 21: MAINSTREET Information Meeting 
ovember 4: Commitment Sunday - Bring your Commitment Cards to church
 11: First Gifts Sunday - Bring your first MAINSTREET gift to church
 18: Reveal Sunday - Celebrate all that God has provided
Town Hall Meetings

During the three Town Hall meetings, our church family was able to learn about our proposed Mainstreet building project through video animation of the new building design and presentations from church leaders about plans to update DBC‘s appearance, connectivity, gathering spaces and security. Click the button below to download the slideshow presentation.

Download Presentation

Project Mainstreet Design

Design Videos

Interior Design

Exterior Design

Design Sketches

Click image to view larger.

Town Hall Questions

The following questions and answers are from our September Town Hall meetings – received either verbally during the meeting, or via a submitted card or after the meeting during dismissal. Answers provided by DN (David Newman); MC (Mark Chapman); Mainstreet Core Leadership Team (MCLT).

Full list of questions & Answers

How does MAINSTREET align with the overall master plan of the church that was created back in 1996? Is there a new strategic plan? The 1996 master plan for facilities included four phases. Phase 1 (Building D) was completed. Phases 2 & 3 included additional education, office and fellowship space where buildings E, F & G are now. Phase IV of the 1996 master plan included a 2,200-seat worship center replacing buildings A, B, C, H & I. Constructing this today would cost over $30 million requiring the church to carry a heavy burden of debt. At 25% of the cost of the strategic plan phases 2,3 and 4, MAINSTREET is a good compromise that addresses the immediate needs of the church with a reasonable budget. Security and accessibility are a driving force for MAINSTREET, and this plan is a cost-effective way to improve those areas. As the church will always need to maintain, renovate and replace buildings, the ideas of the 1996 master plan is a good reference for future needs. (MCLT)

Are children classroom spaces in the A building and B building being modified (ages 0-5)? The B building will be impacted by the elimination of the bathrooms and nursing room to create a larger space for the ramps. There will not be any impact to the classrooms in the B building. The classrooms in the lower A building will also not be impacted. The only change to any classrooms will be to the classroom on MAINSTREET in upper A. This classroom may be reduced in size to accommodate the larger MAINSTREET ramp. (DN)

Where will the Eleven worship service be conducted during the worship center renovation? We will relocate the worship service to the gymnasium. We have already met in the gymnasium with the architect and Robert Comeaux to start looking at options for staging and noise abatement. This will not only provide a place for worship but will also provide much needed improvements and updates to our gymnasium once the Worship Center renovations are completed. (DN)

When you referred to the new unisex bathrooms in upper A building, will they be handicapped accessible? Did you mean Family bathrooms? Yes – they will be single stall, family bathrooms proving facilities for both men and women. (DN)

What is the construction schedule and project timeline? The major construction will begin immediately after Easter 2019 (assuming we can get thru the permitting process without too many issues), and we are hopeful to complete the project and move back into the worship center by the end of 2019. There may be some items that can be done prior to Easter – such as security improvements. These will be done as the schedule allows. (DN)

If funds were limited, can you just fix MAINSTREET and not upgrade the worship center? Yes. As a matter of fact, we have a phased approach to the project and can just do MAINSTREET without doing the lobby. We are hopeful that we can do all 3 phases (MAINSTREET, Expanded lobby, Worship Center renovation). (DN)

It looks like the proposed new prayer room be smaller than the old one. Will it be big enough? You are correct that the current prayer room on MAINSTREET is smaller than the existing one. We want to put the prayer room in a prominent place on the MAINSTREET connector. The design is not completed yet for that corner of MAINSTREET, as we are looking to increase the prayer room size, move the kitchen, add 2 family bathrooms and shrink the classroom. (DN)

Will there be any improvements to the east breezeway that runs from the chapel down to the prayer garden along Ashford Dunwoody? We are considering enhancing the walkway from the chapel to the worship center so that it can have a roof installed to keep people dry. We looked at putting in a ramp to replace the stairs that but that will be costly. The bell tower will also be moved adjacent to the south corner of the C building near this breezeway. The only thing we are looking to do to the C building is to lower the roof peaks. (DN)

Have you calculated the operating budget impact of increased heat and air costs for the new corridors? Yes. Estimates based off our current utility bills shows that costs may increase about $1500 - $2000 per month. The good news is with the upgrades, we should be able to update our systems to much more efficient systems and reduce the cost of maintaining these older systems. (DN)

Can we have additional women’s bathroom stalls to avoid wait times? We are adding bathrooms to the upper A building to replace the B bathrooms that are removed for MAINSTREET. We are also looking to centralize the bathrooms in the new expanded lobby. Unfortunately – there may not be a significant increase in the number of stalls for women at the south end of the campus. (DN)

Will there be increased parking spaces? No – we do not see modifying the parking lot to increase parking spaces. (DN)

Will the weekday childcare in the C building be affected by this plan? No – the weekday childcare will not be impacted by this plan. (DN)

During relocation, can we stream the 11:00 service to the Chapel to facilitate Senior Citizens who may have trouble getting downhill to the gymnasium? This is a good idea and we will consider this as we plan the relocation. (DN)

How does this differ from the three-year suggested donation schedule? The three-year donation schedule is still available and encouraged. Some folks will elect to make their gift all at once, and others will elect to fulfill their pledge over three years. If donors decide to make a pledge during the current 2018 calendar year, they can have four tax years during which time to complete fulfilling their pledge. As a part of the Capital Campaign, we are encouraging "lead gifts" to help jump-start the campaign and help give us better insights into how much is being raised. We welcome up-front payments or pledges to be paid over the next 36 months. (MC)

What would you do with an additional $4 million above the $8.5MM projected? We're all in prayer that God will lay it on the hearts of our church family to over-subscribe the current $8,500,000 we are seeking to raise for the current plans being shared. We have a list of other projects that are also important to our church campus and we'd be able to undertake some of them as well. If enough funds were given, we'd look seriously to determine if we had enough money to tear down and re-build our Worship Center. One key point to remember is that we are not going into long-term debt, and we will only spend funds that are raised or pledged. (MC)

Will anything be done to improve the sound system in the chapel? How about the entry doors? The sound issues that congregants are experiencing in the chapel are operational in nature and do not require new speakers. We have recently replaced the microphones and some audio cables to eliminate one source of the issues. There are several other projects identified for attention in the chapel, but they will be addressed as a part of the church’s overall repairs and maintenance projects and not through Project MAINSTREET. We hope to see work on them soon. They include the window coverings, repairs to the organ, and some work on the sound system. Funds for these projects will come from the church’s operating budget. Regarding the entry doors – we are looking to improve the curb cuts to make it easier to get into Mainsheet and the chapel doors, and to reduce the heavy operation of these doors. (DN)

Is there any plan to change the window treatments in the chapel? The MAINSTREET core leadership team has assembled a list of capital-expense items that need to be updated that are not directly associated with the values of Project MAINSTREET. The curtains are on that list. Depending on cost and budgetary needs – the curtains will be considered for replacement during the MAINSTREET project. (DN)

Question about access to the Children's area, going from insecure to secure area with access to Lower D? Right. We have worked with the children’s ministry to eliminate this access point by creating a security checkpoint at the base of the chandelier stairs that will only enable folks with proper access to enter the secure area. (DN)

What about the viewing of the stage and flat screen in the worship center. Will the flat floor affect sightlines and viewing? We will have large flat screens on the walls that will enable folks in the audience to experience worship by viewing either the stage or the flat screens. Viewing will not be as easy as witnessed with a bowl-shaped floor – but the versatility we will gain by creating a flat floor and moving to single chairs instead of pews will outweigh this con. (DN)

Question about whether the Worship Center was going to look "like a worship area" with the proposed renovation; is it going to look too modern? What are we going to do to keep it looking like a sanctuary? It is clearly our intent that the Worship Center not only look and feel like a sanctuary where God’s message is delivered in word, music and videos, but also clearly looks like a worship center with the beautiful cross, the baptistery, a more flexible way to set up the room for various worship events and a pleasant environment to study and hear God’s word. There will be some interior touches added like murals, wall messages or other improvements design to message our church family and guests worshipping there. We will retain the cross (which is the original one for DBC) – even though it is not center stage. We will also consider adding special murals and messaging in the sanctuary and lobby that will include Bible verses. (DN AJ)

Can we eliminate the traffic viewing distractions thru the Mount Vernon windows of the sanctuary? We will have curtains/shades to help – and we are also looking at raising the windows up from floor level so that congregants will only see the trees and sky – and not the traffic. The curtains will also be multi-level – so that we can control light entry by something like 25%, 50% or 100% of blockage. (DN)

Are there plans to provide teaching aids throughout our Sunday School classes with such equipment as flat-screen TV’s and improved A/V devices? Yes, and that effort is already underway with the recent addition of 5 new flat-screen TV’s to assist Sunday School teachers that need them to improve the teaching environment. We want our SS teachers to have the tools they need to bring the word alive during our Bible study times. These are separate from project MAINSTREET. (DN)

The entry doors in and out of the chapel area are heavy and difficult to open, particularly for older folks. Are there any plans to address that concern? Those entry way doors are on our list of project needs and as funds are available they will be addressed. (DN)

Do we have plans to adjust our Project MAINSTREET list of priorities if the pledges and donations exceed or fall below our expectations? First, we realize that people pledge money in good faith and then sometimes things occur in their lives beyond their control and they have no choice but to alter their plans. In other cases, people sometimes make a pledge and subsequently exceed those pledges. Either way, we’re prepared to make priority adjustments if the need arises. We have a list of projects that need to be undertaken that are in addition to the Project MAINSTREET priority projects and will closely monitor our pledges and contributions. However, we will only spend what is pledged or donated. (MC)

Will the vote on the Project MAINSTREET be by show of hands or by paper ballot? The motion to authorize Project MAINSTREET and components of the project will be made by the Capital Campaign Chairman, but the vote will be by paper ballot.

Will you look at integrating the HVAC systems – so that they are not so piecemeal? Yes – we will look to integrate several systems – including lighting, HVAC and security. (DN)

Does the 8.5MM include surplus monies already in the budget? The $8.5 million does include the surplus cash the church currently has on hand, but the use of that surplus cash will be (has been) separately approved by the church. The use of this cash is not a part of our normal operating budget. (MC)

Will you repurpose space in the B building? To create MAINSTREET we will be eliminating the exterior bathrooms in the B building – along with the nursing room. We are still looking how to replace these two functions. We do not intend to repurpose the current baby nursery in the B building. (DN)

Why is the worship center #3 priority? We hope to be able to do all 3 priorities when we begin construction – but that will depend on our budget and costs. As important as the worship center is – the MAINSTREET leadership team believes that connectivity, security and an expanded lobby are higher. (DN)

Would you consider using real-time monitoring of the security cameras (maybe even deacon volunteered)? We will use a consultant to review our plans and give us a recommendation. We currently do not plan on real-time monitoring of the cameras – as eliminating the access points and adding check points will make a significant improvement over current state. I will put together a security team to assist in these decisions going forward – and it will be staffed by church volunteers. (DN)

Need to make sure that the locks work thru power outages? Correct. We will make sure that our security plan works if we were to lose power. (DN)

How did you get to the $8.5MM estimate? What type of contract are you going to use – design/ build? Our architect, CDH, asked general contractor Hodges and Hicks to give us an approximate cost estimate for this project using the design that you see here today. We believe that this cost is a high-level estimate (+/- 30%) – and since this is a renovation project – we will be contracting with a design / build effort to get accurate cost numbers prior to construction. (DN)

Have you considered using an owner / agent to assist? Yes – and we are speaking to someone this week to determine if we need one. (DN)

When you add ramps to improve mobility of congregants – can you also look to improve handicap access in the bathrooms as well? Yes. (DN)

What is the cost difference in keeping current building A, B, C versus rebuilding the entire area so it does not look piecemeal? The cost to replace building A, B and C with one larger structure with the same square footage would cost about$7.5MM more than the $8.5MM currently budgeted. This was originally part of the original long-term plan when the D building was built in 2000. We believe that the addition of MAINSTREET will make the campus feel more connected and not so dislocated. (MSLT)

How many additional seats will be added to the contemporary worship? There will not be any appreciable increase in seating with the contemporary service. Pews are more efficient in seating capacity – so we will use any new space created by the relocation of the prayer room to handle the additional chairs. (DN)

Sunday school space is at capacity. Where will additional classrooms be placed? Sunday school space is not at capacity. There are several rooms on the campus available for Sunday school classes – for all ages. And if we did have a space problem, we think it is more cost effective to add more services or Sunday school times rather than enlarge our footprint. (MSLT)

What about an overhang from worship center to sports center? We are looking at doing this early in the construction so that we can help congregants get from worship sanctuary and prayer garden to the gym during relocation. This overhang will remain when the project is completed. (DN)

Where is the nursing room going to be relocated? We have not finalized this yet, but we are looking to find a space for it. (DN)

Will the secure hallway in lower A be widened? It seems too narrow.
The current design will not change – we believe that this hallway is adequate for people movement. As part of the new design – we will not need the sign-in wooden desks in the hallway any longer – which will make the hallways easier to walk in. (DN)

With all these changes proposed, is getting bigger necessarily better? The proposed changes are centered on connectivity and security – not enlargeing the footprint or worship center. This is a modernization of the campus – adding carpet, conditioning air, adding security checkpoints, and contemporizing the worship center. We feel this is getting better. (MSLT)

Are any updates planned for the sports facility? There will be some renovation to the sports center to handle the relocated worship service from the sanctuary during the construction phase. This has not been detailed out yet, but we expect some changes to the gymnasium, bathrooms and lobby areas. (DN)

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Prayer Guide

September 25 – November 3, 2018

We have developed a daily prayer guide to encourage and inspire you as you search your heart for guidance in the part God has for you in Project Mainstreet.

Our hope is that you will pray with each day’s meditation, opening yourself to God’s Holy Spirit, and find the joy of being one with Him, through the loving example of Jesus Christ, who gave Himself completely for us.

Copies of the guide are available at church, or you can download the PDF to view it on your computer, or follow along on your mobile device using the DBC App.

Download the DBC App Download the PDF

Make Your Commitment

We invite you to be a part of this historic occasion. As you and your family pray about your role in Project Mainstreet, know that your faithful pledge of investment is part of a remarkable heritage of faith and courage. Your contribution will empower faith for countless generations to come.

Commit Now!

Your Giving Potential
Weekly Monthly Annual Total*
$2,000 $8,667 $104,000 $312,000
$1,000 $4,334 $52,000 $156,000
$750 $3,250 $39,000 $117,000
$500 $2,167 $26,000 $78,000
$300 $1,300 $15,600 $46,800
$200 $866 $10,392 $31,176
$100 $433 $5,200 $15,600
$50 $217 $2,600 $7,800
$25 $108 $1,300 $3,900

*May be spread over four tax years (2018-2021)

How is this different from my tithe?

We have an incredible opportunity to reach more people than ever before through the successful completion of Project Mainstreet. So, please continue to bring your tithe in addition to the gifts God leads you to give. When there is an exciting opportunity like this, God asks us to go above and beyond the tithe. 

In the Bible, there were times when God’s people came together to give above and beyond their faithful giving to the local church. This is a great example of sacrificial giving.

Commitment Sunday, November 4

After completing your personal prayer journey, we hope that God will speak to your heart about stewardship and lead you to a decision to make an eternal impact through your gift to Project Mainstreet. 

We ask that you prepare by filling out this Commitment Card by Commitment Sunday, November 4. You may then bring your first gift on Sunday, November 11 or Sunday, November 18. On Sunday, November 25 we will celebrate how, through you, God has provided for Project Mainstreet!

Ways to Give
Give Online

Give online via ACH or debit card. Gifts may be setup to recur weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. Be sure Project Mainstreet is selected in the drop down menu.

Give Online Now

Worship Services

During each worship service you will have the opportunity to place your gift in a plate as it is passed. There are envelopes located in the back of the pews. Cash or checks (payable to Dunwoody Baptist Church) are accepted. Be sure to note the distribution of your gift (General Fund, Mainstreet) on the envelope/check to insure proper credit.


You can mail your check (no cash please), or have your bank mail a check directly, to the Church. Your bank may offer online payments where you can automatically have a check mailed to the Church each week or month for free. Please setup Dunwoody Baptist – Mainstreet as a new payee in your banks system so that we can clearly identify the difference between your Mainstreet donation versus your normal tithes and offerings.

Stock / IRA Gifts

Donation of appreciated stock/mutual funds as well as direct transfer of IRA Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) may have significant tax advantages for you. Please contact Mark Sauls or Melissa Hummel for more information.