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Make A Difference

At DBC, we use our God-given abilities and resources to impact the lives of others. We make a difference in our church, community and world through Serving Teams and mission opportunities.

Use the categories below to search through all of the opportunities available to you and let us know if you if you need any help!

Short-Term Mission Leader

Short-Term Mission Leaders plan and execute mission journeys and projects.

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Café 1040

Café 1040’s mission is to empower the next generation of missionaries to tell the story of Jesus where it has never been told.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

We know that there are a lot of different opportunities available for you to get involved. If you would like some help in finding your place, just let us know!

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Global Frontier Missions

Global Frontier Missions is dedicated to mobilizing, training and multiplying disciples and churches to meet the physical and spiritual needs of unreached people groups.

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DSA Greeter

Greet DSA students and families during special events.

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DSA Receptionist Support

Assist the DSA staff with class transitions in the afternoons; assist the staff at the front desk; greet students and families; answer the phone.

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Special Friends Small Group Assistant

Assist teachers in our class for adults with special needs.

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Special Needs Ministry Registration/Guest Services Team

Greet families as they arrive in the Imprint room and help with registration.

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Special Needs Ministry Floater Team

Members of the floater team provide backup when buddies are out.

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