A columbarium is an area that is appropriately respectful, where the earthly remains (ashes) of church members and others receive care in perpetuity, much like the church cemetery of an earlier time. Many people find great comfort knowing that their ashes are near good people in a religious environment. At DBC, the columbarium is the small area located at the end of the Chapel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the niches arranged?

Arrays of “niches” are arranged in rows and columns. Each niche provides space for two urns. A purchaser who desires space for only one urn still purchases one niche and simply doesn’t use the second niche. The cost is the same. The purchaser retains the right to use the other niche.

What guarantee of perpetual care is provided?

The church sets aside part of the purchase price in a perpetual care fund. This account exists exclusively to provide funds to maintain the columbarium. It is the churches responsibility to fund and maintain the columbarium and we take this responsibility seriously.

What is the cost?

Each niche costs $2,500. When compared to a traditional burial, this is generally a less expensive alternative.

Can a church member buy additional niches?

Yes, because parents and children may live in other cities, or belong to other churches, a family may obtain additional niches. Members and former members of DBC may purchase a niche.

How many niches will be available?

The initial bank of niches provides 150 niches. We have space to add six more banks of niches in the future bringing the total count to 330.

What size urn fits in the companion niche?

The niche is roughly 12″ x 12″ x 12″. The family provides the urn for the ashes of the loved one. Most industry standard size urns will fit in the niche.

How is the niche location selected?

The choice of niche location will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

What are the options for identifying each niche?

When a niche is purchased, granite nameplate will be engraved as requested by the family. To maintain style consistently no names will be added until the time of need.

Next Steps

For further information or to purchase a niche, please call the Church Office at 770.280.1200.

Once an application is completed and payment is received, you will receive a Certificate of Purchase as well as the Rules and Regulations associated with the purchase. The timing of your payment will determine priority in selection of placement of the niche.