Life Groups

DBC Life Groups are the most intimate way of experiencing church.

They foster deeper conversations in a safe community of like-minded believers and they encourage openness and accountability, providing opportunities to serve each other and our communities.

Groups are composed of 8-12 people and meet consistently throughout the year in homes for fellowship, prayer, encouragement and the occasional group Bible study.

But what if...

I don’t have time. We get that. How we spend our time reflects what we value, and many folks are fully absorbed with kid activities, social events, sports, travel, etc. DBC Life Groups are designed to fill, rather than drain. Amid the chaos of life, they afford time to engage your faith, build relationships, and to sustain others in the community as they, in turn, sustain you.

I’m already in a Sunday Morning Bible Study class. Fair enough. However, Sunday Morning Bible Studies actually serve a different purpose than Life Groups. In our Sunday Morning Bible Studies, we focus on knowledge and understanding of who God is. In Life Groups, we focus on restful, open conversation, prayer, laughter and sharing stories. If you can manage it, do both. If not, we hope you’ll commit to actively participate in one this year.

How to Get Into a Life Group

  1. Ask a friend, or another couple, to join you in forming a group for the purposes of regular fellowship and spiritual support.
  2. Determine the most workable day, time, and frequency for your group to meet. (We recommend a frequency of 2-3 times per month.)
  3. Spend some time praying about who else might benefit from being a part of this group.
  4. Contact Discipleship Pastor, Bo Bowen, to register your newly formed group and receive helpful start-up materials. You may also schedule a 1-hour training session for further instruction.
  5. Make every meeting time a priority in your life. Genuine community needs time to grow.

Childcare Information

We offer childcare on campus on Sundays from 4:30-6:30 pm. Cost is $5/child/week. Groups must be meeting on our campus or within 10 minutes from DBC. Weekly reservations are required by the Wednesday prior. Fill out the form below to make your reservation.

Sunday Childcare Reservation Wednesday Childcare Reservation Life Group Childcare Reimbursement Request Form