Camp Unite

Summer Day Camps for Ages 2 - Kindergarten (Completed)

Nurturing the spiritual, physical, social, emotional and creative growth of children in our community through a quality camp experience.

Camp Unite provides a spiritually, physically and emotionally safe environment for children to investigate and experience the love of God through a variety of camp activities. Camp Unite is a place where parents feel safe leaving their kids. Camp activities are designed to be educational and fun so children will be excited about playing and learning! Campers will establish lifelong friendships and memories and leave camp with a positive experience with Dunwoody Baptist Church.

Weekly Specialities

Week 1: June 1-4

Sports Galore: Let’s start our summer off with some energetic sports! We will play all day: soccer, basketball, football and baseball! We will have a great time with Coach Amber completing basic sport tasks that build motor development. Kids will learn a variety of skills including throwing, catching, kicking, hitting, ball handling, shooting, dribbling, running, etc. Teamwork is emphasized. Children will learn in a FUN, non-competitive environment. What more could any young athlete ask for? Lee Bryan, That Puppet Guy, will join us on Thursday to entertain us with The Zany Zoo!

Dance Camp! (ages 4-7): Join Ms. Victoria for an AWESOME week of Hip Hop 'Til the Beat Drops! Calling all boys and girls who love to dance their hearts out to the beat. This high energy movement week will be filled with up beat music, popular dances, arts and crafts, and PURE FUN.. FUN... FUNNNN! Don't meet me there.. BEAT me there!

Week 2: June 7 - 10

No Camp Unite this week, it's VBS! Register here!
VBS is for kids ages 4 - 5th Grade (by 9/1/21) and it's FREE!

Week 3: June 14 - 18

Fairytales and Fables: This is a theme that our preschool teachers are experts at! We love fairytales and using our imaginations. Come be imaginative with us! Lee Bryan, That Puppet Guy, will join us on Friday to entertain us with The Giant, the Beanstalk and Jack.

Princess Ballerina (ages 4 - 7): Experience the magical world of fairy tales with tea parties, dress-up and dancing in a real castle! This camp is a week of delight and excitement taught by Miss Courtney. (Note: This camp has moved from week 1.)

Week 4: June 21 - 25

Outdoor Explorers: This week we will take advantage of our big campus at DBC and have a great time exploring our nature trail. Who knows what fun adventures await us in the outdoors?! We will collect leaves and rocks, create beautiful art projects with nature and maybe try out the “Low Elements” course on the nature trail. Ken the Reptile Wrangler will here to share some exotic reptiles with us on Thursday.

Week 5: June 28 - July 2

USA Hooray: If you baked a cake for America, do you know how many candles it would take? 244! That’s a lot of candles! We will focus on God's love, unity, community, and respect for all of the beautiful uniqueness that really makes our country worth celebrating! Campers will learn patriotic songs, play old-fashioned games and enjoy a Happy Birthday America picnic on Thursday, July 1. We will proudly show our red, white and blue through arts, crafts and a musical parade.

Week 6: July 6 - 9 (no camp July 5)

Olympics: The world put off the Olympics in 2020 and now it’s finally here! Campers will create their very own Camp Unite Olympics with fun competitions among the age groups. We will also cheer on Team USA as we watch the Olympic Games live and track the standings for our team.

Week 7: July 12 - 16

Tropical Paradise: Let us whisk you away on a tropical island getaway. Campers will have fun creating beach art and playing in the sun! Jeffini the Great will be here to entertain us with his Safety Safari show on Thursday.

Week 8: July 19 - 23

Game Week: Who doesn't love to play games? This week we will play a variety of board games and outdoor activity games. Games provide many learning opportunities such as how to be a good sport, taking turns, working as a team and thinking of strategies to complete the task. Jeffini the Great will be here to entertain us with his Master Builder show on Thursday.