Art Program

Art Program

DSA's newest Visual Arts Program was designed to explore the various Art mediums and multi-medias. Whether painting with watercolors, drawing freehand, sculpting with clay, or creating a comic book or mosaic canvas with pictures and acrylic paint. These fun and innovative programs with surely take the beginner to advance artists on an artistic journey of imagination, creativity, and self-expression.


Class Information

Individually or in a fun group setting, students will explore and create their own works of art that will develop and nurture their self-expression and creativity:

Little Picasso
Ages: 3 - 5yrs. old
When: Monday, 1:30pm - 2:15pm, 6-week sessions starting on sept 12th, 2022

In this preschool art program, preschoolers will not only contribute to developing their fine motor skills but also be introduced to a number of important experiences in art-making that will encourage them to artistically and visually express themselves. Each student will immerse themselves in drawing and painting as well as constructing three-dimensional creations. Although they will be strengthening their coordination of small muscle movements through coloring, cutting, and sculpting (along with a little bit of handwriting), they will simply and purely be expressing themselves with line, shape, form, texture, value, and color. Along with the benefits an art class gives any age, the goal of this class and its activities is that through a number of fun art projects, the young artist would gain an appreciation for art and beauty in their life and confidence in their Master Creator’s love for them.

Comicbook Art Class
Ages: 6 - 12yrs old
When: Monday, 3:30pm - 4:15pm, 6-week sessions STARTING ON SEPT 12TH, 2022

In this fun course, students will create comic book characters and comic book pages. Each student will learn how to draw the characters they have in mind as well as create a storyline for them. Their comic book storyline will come to life as each student creates comic pages in the form of a comic book or graphic novel. Also, once the student has designed their characters on paper or in digital form, they will be able to make a clay model (artist’s animation maquette) of them!!!

Canvas Kids Art Program
Ages: 5 - 12 yrs. old
When: Thursday, 5pm - 6pm, 6-week sessions STARTING ON SEPT 12TH, 2022

Explore the wonders of art in a playful, stimulating environment for all beginning and intermediate artists! Join us after school to explore different tricks and techniques from all across the globe! We’ll have fun creating with a variety of mediums that will make each of your canvases’ one of a kind. Students will broaden their creativity through drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and many other artistic mediums. Students will be able to display their works of art throughout the year at our DSA Drama Production and our Music Recitals.

Drawing & Painting Studio I & II
Ages: 18yrs+
When: Studio I Monday, 5pm - 6pm, 6-week sessions STARTING ON SEPT 12TH, 2022
When: Studio II, Monday, 6pm - 7pm, 6-week sessions STARTING ON SEPT 12TH, 2022

In this unique course, students of different skill levels, professions, and artistic goals come together to learn and share in this fun art class that teaches drawing fundamentals and watercolor techniques through a variety of fun exercises and projects. Students have the option of enrolling in Studio I, Studio II, or both. This class offers both sessions as a two-hour studio where Adult students have more time to work on their own projects and/or projects led by Mr. Kennedy

Private Art Lessons
Ages: All ages
When: Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday, 6-week session commitment STARTING ON SEPT 12TH, 2022

Private lessons are available for artists interested in diving deeper into drawing, painting with acrylics or watercolors, mixed media with paper and bookmaking, or photography. Any other artistic medium inquiries are welcome! Please know that our private lessons do require a 6-week commitment. 


Fee Structure & Registration

Our Art tuition payments are spread over the course session and/or as indicated in the class description (i.e. 6wk, 8wk, and 12wk sessions). If you register after your art course has begun, your first month's tuition and registration fee(s) will be due upon registration. You have the option to submit your tuition payment in full or monthly. Please know that we factor in all holidays and school breaks. Tuition is automatically billed on or around the 10th of the month. Please review our attendance, payment, and withdrawal policies by clicking here.

Visual arts program course Fees


Class Length

Monthly Billing

Private Art 1-on-1

45 mins lesson

60 mins lesson



Little Picasso Art Program

45 min lessons



classes start the week of Sept 12th

Class Length

Monthly Billing

*excludes the $10 - $25 art supply fee

Canvas Kids Art Program

6-wk Session



Comicbook Art

6-wk Session



Drawing & Painting Studio I or II

6-wk Session



Drawing & Painting Studio I & II

6-wk Session



Annual Registration Fee: $35 to be billed annually upon registration. $20 per additional family member.

Discounts Offered: Senior Discount, Multi-Students/Sibling Discount, Multi-Class Discount and DBC Member Discount

New Student Registration

Returning Student Registration



Meet Our Teachers:

Katharine Norman

There are only a few things that Ms. Katharine is more passionate about than art education! She believes that art has the ability to reach students of any age in a way that is unique and universal. Ms. Katharine studied Studio Art with an emphasis in photography and fiber arts at the University of Kentucky. She received her Master's Degree in Art Education from the University of Florida where her capstone project focused on visual culture. Ms. Katharine has taught a variety of visual arts and art history classes in and around Atlanta for the past seven years. She looks forward to continuing to be the best educator that she can be and helping students reach new levels creatively.

Register for Ms. Katharine

Victor Kennedy

Register for Mr. Victor

Victor graduated from Auburn University with a BFA in Graphic Design with a concentration in Illustration. His senior project received from the art department faculty an “A Commended” award, which was a big encouragement on entering the communication arts field. He moved to Atlanta and took a job with a magazine publisher, CCI, and spent four years illustrating and designing for various magazines. In the last two of those years, he redesigned and art-directed two different health foods magazines. After that he worked at Esoteric Audio as Assistant Art Director designing logos, creating packaging, and illustrating. After these formative five years, he started freelancing as an illustrator working for such clients as Hallmark Cards and Children’s Television Workshop, ad agencies such as BBDO South and Larry Smith & Associates, book publishers such as Prentice Hall and Scott Foresman.  

He has continued to illustrate from his Georgia home with his family while enjoying the shared adventure alongside his wife homeschooling their kids. As the kids have grown he has become more involved in teaching elementary, jr. high, and high school students fundamental drawing and painting courses as well as specialty disciplines in printmaking, watercolor, clay, and sequential art.



Holiday Schedule

2022 - 2023 Visual Arts Program Start Date: the week of August 8th, 2022

November 21st - 27th, 2022

Thanksgiving Break - No Classes

December 19th, 2022 - January 8th, 2023

Christmas Break - No classes

Monday, January 16th, 2023 

Martin Luther King Jr Day - No Classes

Monday, February 20th, 2023

President's Day - No Classes

April 3rd - 9th, 2023

Spring Break - No Classes

Classes that fall on a holiday will be held unless indicated on the above schedule. You will be responsible for payment of these lessons unless you and your teacher make alternate arrangements in advance. Please read carefully the DSA policies.

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We are devoted to the discovery and development of our students' artistic gifts and talents. Our desire is for our students to thrive in their artistry, bring glory to God, and develop a lifetime love of art, dance, drama, and music.

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