Levels of Engagement - Bless, Catalyze, Own


There are many different types of ministries that seek support from Dunwoody Baptist Church. The DBC Missions Council reviews applications from new and continuing ministries for funding from the missions budget. There are three categories of commitment that DBC makes with a ministry: Bless, Catalyze, and Own.


A one-time funding support in a small amount for individuals or organizations. These ministries do not have to be within a DBC missions focus, but are valued by church members or have a fruitful ministry.


A three-to-five-year commitment of support to individuals or organizations who are expanding their work in close alignment with the focus of DBC missions. These ministries are working towards a goal of sustainability.


An ongoing commitment of five years or longer to individuals or organizations that are focused on the un-reach or mobilizing DBC members in missions.

The funding of ministries is just one function of service in missions. An equally important function is prayer. We invite you to explore the many ministries supported by DBC here and select one that you can begin prayer for in your daily walk with Christ.

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