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Bread Coffeehouse is a ministry dedicated to college students by offering an inviting communal space near campus where the staff serve and love in the name of Jesus. Bread locations include Emory University in Atlanta, Oxford University in Georgia, and Tufts University in Boston. The shops host live music, dinner, study time, story telling, play space, and bible study. Students are trained to become spiritual leaders. Bread also provides Christian counseling and maintains a food pantry for students who find themselves in need.

Dunwoody Baptist Church has partnered with Bread Coffeehouse since 2014 and currently supports the Bread Coffeehouse at Emory University and one of our DBC graduates at the Bread location in Boston. To learn more about Bread Coffeehouse including learning how to provide direct financial support, visit their website.


Megan was sitting in the back room after our Thursday event with her best friend Jin the night we were going to do our Sophomore Leader info session. They were both first year students that had come to DBS occasionally but were not super involved. I invited them to the Info Session anyway figuring it was a long shot, but they said yes! I believe Megan's year as a sophomore leader (2019-2020) has been incredibly pivotal in her faith journey. Megan grew up with some exposure to faith and had even gone through confirmation but her faith was by no means a part of her life anymore and had never been something personal. That year I watched as she began taking more ownership in the community, was part of a small group that explored scripture and how it relates to life, and was a part of a serving team. In December, as we had our year end 1on1s with our leaders, I asked Megan how she wanted to grow the following semester and how I could help her. She said that she loved Bread and being a part of our community but felt she needed to decide if she was "all in" on Jesus or not. I celebrated this with her, and in January we began meeting weekly walking through Alpha's videos and discussions as a way for her to examine Christianity and come to her own conclusions. Through these meetings, Megan began praying out loud with me which was a huge step for her and reading the Bible, reading the entire book of Matthew on her own. At the end of the semester, as I asked her to reflect on our time together in light of the goal she had set for herself, she said that so many of her questions had been answered. She still hasn't made the final leap of faith to fully surrender her life to Christ, but she is continuing to explore and engage through leadership, small groups, and our large group teachings. We gratefully still have 2 years with Megan and are so excited to see how God will continue to draw her to Himself!

  1. Work Day (We have several outdoor projects a group could help with and we can coordinate schedules with whatever day works best for you!)
  2. Kroger gift cards in lieu of the meal donations and baked goods we normally collect since we are preparing everything in house this semester
  3. Donate/Build outdoor furniture- tables, chairs, picnic tables, etc.
  4. Sponsor any items from our Amazon Wishlist
Prayer Requests
  1. Pray for a safe and successful year for students.
  2. Pray for students still displaced due to Covid-19.

Bread Coffeehouse

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