Jars of Clay


Jars of Clay is a church and homelessness relief ministry in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shelter is provided to homeless young people with the mission of helping teenagers to overcome the streets and life of homelessness. Assistance services are also provided to a broad range of clients including job-seeking assistance, education, basic provisions, and a thrift store. Sunday mornings at the Jars of Clay church includes a free breakfast and is welcome to all.

Jars of Clay is part of Anita Lane Ministries which also operates the Imagine Me Academy. Anita Lane Ministries works with Atlanta-area churches in providing assistance services to the homeless who come to the church requesting aid. The Imagine Me Academy is a Christian Montessori School for children who have become homeless with their parent. 

Dunwoody Baptist Church has partnered with Jars of Clay since 2007. Volunteers are always needed for Jars of Clay’s daily and event activities. The Imagine Me Academy is also seeking volunteers, especially retired educators seeking to serve Christ with their skills. To learn more about Jars of Clay, Imagine Me Academy, and Anita Lane Ministries including learning how to volunteer or provide direct financial support, visit their website.

Impact Story

Recently a devoted church member tested positive for Covid-19 and was admitted into the ICU. After 4 days she went into coma. Once aware, Anita and staff closed the office and shut down online services to fast and pray for 7 days/nights for her. After the 7th day, Anita received a call from the member’s family informing her that doctors advised them to establish plans due no signs of recovery. However, Anita and staff continued to pray. After being hospitalized for over nine weeks, to God’s glory, she awoke out of coma and was able to text Anita to inform her that she was okay. This is a testament to prayers and God’s glory.

  1. Additional revenue for food, hygiene products, baby wipes, baby milk, diapers, face masks and sanitizer, blankets.
  2. Volunteers for the thrift store, Habitat for the Container Homes, and soup kitchen
Prayer Requests
  1. Pray for safety and guidance for ministry and staff.
  2. Pray that we find people willing to volunteer.
  3. Pray for our ministry children.

Jars of Clay

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