Dunwoody Student Ministries


Dunwoody Student Ministries serves the spiritual needs of students at Dunwoody High School, Peachtree Middle School and college students who graduated from DHS. In 2020, serving took on a different form since we were not meeting together in the school building. We wanted to continue to connect with our students and be there for them, so we had a number of drive-throughs at Dunwoody High School and at Chick-fil-A, where we provided lunch and breakfast, shared scripture and a message, and gave out FCA t-shirts. We had Zoom gatherings with the students in which local youth ministers, including Brian Smith from DBC, shared a Bible lesson. We also had a number of raffles in which students won gift cards from local restaurants in order to create some energy and excitement. We continue to send our college students care packages, which include a letter from our leaders reminding them we are here praying for them and Christ is with them and active in their lives. We hope to have an in-person gathering soon with college students and graduating seniors from DHS. We know there will be so many stories of how Christ has worked during this time and we can’t wait to get everyone back together in person soon at Dunwoody, Peachtree and college campuses for our FCA gatherings. We can’t thank DBC enough for the financial and prayer support!

- Steve Fortenberry, DBC Member & Founder of Dunwoody Student Ministries

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