Serve Teams Directory

We use our God-given abilities and resources to impact the lives of others. We make a difference in our church, community and world by discovering our purpose and joining a serve team or mission opportunity.


Evaluate your unique design, gifts, passions, personality, talents and life experience.


Read about the Serve Teams at DBC, in our community and around the world.


Select a Serve Team that matches your unique design.


Contact the Serve Team leader. Certain ministries require a background check/church involvement.

For more in-depth analysis, attend our Discover Your Purpose Lab where you will complete assessments for your personality and spiritual gifts.


Our clerical administration team answers phone calls and provides general office help and our professional administration team serves on church committees and special church projects.

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Adult Sunday Bible Study Teaching or Administration

Our team supports our adult groups during the 9:45 am Sunday morning Bible study time.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

Need help to identify opportunities that match your unique design and calling? Attend our Discover Your Purpose Lab!

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Adult Sunday Bible Study Care Coordinator* or Deacon

Our team relieves suffering, comforts, protects, encourages and serves the felt needs of members in our Sunday Bible study classes.

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Benevolence Team

Our team meets, by appointment, with members of the community who are in financial distress.

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Preschool Ministry

Our team checks in and cares for babies through Pre-K children.

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Prayer Team*

Our team provides prayer and sends notes of encouragement.

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Community Hospitality Team

Our team creates opportunities to meet and develop relationships with the various cultures of Dunwoody.

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Naomi Ministry

Our team completes odd jobs for widows, widowers and the elderly.

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