Serve Teams Directory

We use our God-given abilities and resources to impact the lives of others. We make a difference in our church, community and world by discovering our purpose and joining a serve team or mission opportunity.


Evaluate your unique design, gifts, passions, personality, talents and life experience.


Read about the Serve Teams at DBC, in our community and around the world.


Select a Serve Team that matches your unique design.


Contact the Serve Team leader. Certain ministries require a background check/church involvement.

For more in-depth analysis, attend our Discover Your Purpose Lab where you will complete assessments for your personality and spiritual gifts.

Global Frontier Missions

This organization desires to mobilize, train and multiply disciples to meet the physical and spiritual needs of unreached people groups.

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Café 1040

This organization empowers the next generation of missionaries who wish to share Jesus with unreached people groups.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

Need help to identify opportunities that match your unique design and calling? Attend our Discover Your Purpose Lab!

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Short-Term Mission Leader

Our team plans and executes mission journeys and projects.

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Orchard Group

This organization provides free organizational consulting and coaching for Christ-centered ministries in Atlanta and around the USA.

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Short-Term Mission Teams

Our team invests in 6-8 months of learning, growing and building relationships in preparation for a 7-10 day mission journey.

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Hospitality Team

Our team prepares coffee service for the church in various locations around campus.

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Visitation Team

Our team provides a sense of fellowship, belonging and involvement to those who aren’t able to get out and about as easily as they used to.

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This organization serves people in prison and assists them with re-entry into society through two transitional facilities in Atlanta.

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