Naomi Ministry

Sponsored by DBC’s Men’s Fraternity, this homecare ministry provides labor to DBC widows, widowers and elderly.

Services Provided

  • Furniture moving
  • Small fix-it projects
  • Light bulb changing, etc.
  • Clean-up
  • Tax/legal advice
  • Consultation for larger projects

If you wish to hire a professional contractor, our volunteers can also act as a consultant to verify credentials, review contracts, verify payment terms and amounts, etc.

Request Services

To enlist a DBC volunteer to help you with your project, please call Steve Peters at 404.313.4348 or email .

Please note: Material costs are the responsibility of the client. Financial support for materials is available for those with demonstrated need.


If you are interested in volunteering with our Naomi Ministry, please call Steve Peters at 404.313.4348 or email .